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Presenting TypedCMS Environments

Published by George Palmer

Presenting TypedCMS Environments

We are very excited to introduce TypedCMS Environments. It's been a lot of work in the making, but this week we finally cleared down the environments development task list.

Environments are a really powerful tool that, in essence, allow you to create separate fully featured instances of TypedCMS. By creating separate environments it's is possible to manage multiple applications, each with their own dashboard, users, content and API, from a single TypedCMS account.

Don't worry, you won't need to use multiple domains, logins or any other irritating nonsense to use your environments. You'll simply login with your regular account and use the handy environment switcher to access your different environments. Your other users will do the same, just invite them to the environments you want and select the appropriate level of access.

Enough description, lets take a look at it in action.

Creating an Environment

It's pretty easy to create an environment, just select Create an Environment from the environment switcher, or navigate to your Account Settings and the Environments tab.

Creating an Environment

Once you've created your environment you can switch to it with the environment switcher.

Switch to Environment

You'll notice that your environment is identified by a custom image and name (replacing the TypedCMS logo), it's even possible to set your own colour scheme for each environment, creating further visual separation.

Environment Settings

Inviting Users and Assigning Roles

Just select Users from the Administration section of your environment navigation. Then enter the email address of the user you want to invite and select their role in the environment.

Invite User

If they are an existing your they'll be able to accept the invitation from their account and access the environment from the environment switcher. For new users, they'll be sent a sign up link which will automatically add them to your environment.

What's Next

We're aware this is probably an odd post for the first time TypedCMS has been seen by the outside world. We are working on a proper introduction to TypedCMS, but really wanted to get our progress this week out.

We'll hopefully follow up next week with a complete feature breakdown and introductions to the various concepts that we think make TypedCMS invaluable to your next project.

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