Introducing TypedCMS — a powerful API-based drop-in CMS backend for your websites or apps.

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TypedCMS will do the Heavy Lifting

TypedCMS is designed to be a drop-in backend for any kind of website or app you can imagine. Rather than providing you with a whole plethora of content options (pages, blog posts, products, etc.), TypedCMS gives you the tools to architect your own content types, known as Blueprints.

Blueprints are exportable, sharable, descriptions of groups of like content. For example a Blog blueprint may describe all the fields that make up a Blog Post, how posts are grouped into tags and categories taxonomies and related content such as posts the reader may also be interested in.

Once you've described your Blueprints using the simple interface, you'll be able to author content like any other (incredibly well designed ;-) Content Management System. This is all then served to your frontend as well structured JSON over our API.

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Alternatively, if you're interested in features, prices, and a release date, subscribe below and we'll let you know as things are ironed out.

Track the Development Progress

TypedCMS is still in heavy development, but there's plenty of awesome stuff to whet your appetite here in our development blog.

Presenting TypedCMS Environments

Presenting TypedCMS Environments

We are very excited to introduce TypedCMS Environments. It's been a lot of work in the making, but this week we finally cleared down the Environments development task list.

Environments are a really powerful tool that, in essence, allow you to create separate fully featured instances of TypedCMS. By creating separate environments it's is possible to manage multiple applications, each with their own dashboard, users, content and API, from a single TypedCMS account.

Published by George Palmer

Introducing the TypedCMS Development Progress Blog

Introducing the TypedCMS Development Progress Blog

TypedCMS is moving forward at a incredible pace. It's all very exciting and we'd like to share the journey with all those waiting patiently for a chance to get their hands on it.

We'll fill the blog with interesting features, enhancements, breakthroughs and other great stuff as we move towards release. There'll be screenshot-a-plenty!

Come along for the ride.

Published by George Palmer

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